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We're a NLP, Hypnosis & Communication Skills training company with a real passion for helping and teaching people to master and learn the skills of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming}, Hypnosis and Communication Skills.

We run regular full and accredited training courses in Birmingham, Cheltenham and the South West to help you develop a better understanding not only of yourself but of those around you and to learn to communicate, influence and create change.

Whether you are new to NLP, Hypnosis and Communication Development or are a seasoned professional, using these skills in Business, Therapy or just for personal development, joining us on a training will help you learn new skills or master existing ones and help you to master the essential core skills of change.

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NLP or "Neuro Linguistic Programming" was developed in the 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder as they began to look at and model some of the great therapists of the time.

NLP is not a therapy, a protocol or even belief or even as it's sometimes a pseudo science. It's a collection of models and observations that can help to understand how people think and construct their experience and how to make effective change. A methodology of modelling excellence.


Hypnosis - It's not what you think it is, It's what you think it is. Everybody has a idea of what hypnosis is to them. It's not all "clucking like chickens and eating onions." Simply, Hypnosis is a tool. It can be used for change. It can be used as a generative tool for improvement.

Hypnosis can be used as a therapy in itself, due to the beneficial states you can experience and it's something we can all do, all experience and all have a natural ability to "go into". Watching a movie, Driving a car, Listening to your favourite song can all be declined as "trance states". Learning to access and utilise these states for your own benefit and others is a skill everyone should learn.


How do you think? We generally create the world we live in through our own thoughts and internal dialogue. NLP has a view that "the meaning of communication is the response you get".

Simply put whether you are looking to improve or change yourself or help others change their own views, beliefs or behaviours, improving your communication is key.


Learning can be fun - No really , It can be....

Too many training experiences are dull, dry, staid or just narrated power point presentations. Too many trainings are also all about the trainers or training and how clever they or it is.

Training does not have to be this way. Training can be relaxed, Training can be fun. Training can be engaging. Training can be Enjoyable (no really. it can be!)

We set out at the start to make sure not only do people learn and develop it's also not a chore, it's something they want to do and do more of with us.

Certified Training

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Our NLP Practitioner Course is ABNLP (American Board of NLP). THE ABNLP is considered the principle body for NLP certification.

Our training meets their high certification standards and upon successful completion of your training you'll receive your certification and apply for membership of the prestigious ABNLP.
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If you are a therapist, change worker, business person, sales person, health worker for personal change or just interested learning and mastering the essential skills like will help you get better results and outcomes.

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Discover and change any limiting beliefs that you may have? Explore what you really want and use the skills you learn to help you get more of what you want from your life.

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Learn how to put all the elements of NLP, Hypnosis and Communication together in a cohesive and elegant way to allow you communicate, listen and question more effectively.


Classes are limited in size to ensure you get the best attention and learning experience. Stay involved and join us and other practitioners own our facebook group.