Curious Balloon - Who, What, Why, Where, How

We are a NLP, Hypnosis and Communication skills company.

We teach NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner certifications, NLP in Business, Stress Management and Hypnosis & NLP both fundamental training and refresher course.

We  created Curious Balloon to help people learn and master the core and essential skills of NLP, Hypnosis and communication. Learning and mastering these skills will make you a far more effective communicator or change worker than any other 1 size fits all protocols or therapies.

We run courses from Birmingham and in the South West of the UK.

NLP Practitioner is an extensive 8 Days (taught in two blocks of 4 days) and Master Practitioner 12 days . Our other courses vary in length from 1 day trainings to 4 day trainings.


Curious People - Who, What, Why, Where, How

Curious Ballon training appeals to those wanting to learn and master skills and enjoy their training !

Pete & Greg (Curious Balloon) set out with a mission to get back the the core teachings and skills they both use in their own lives and with their clients.

Both Pete & Greg are working therapists and trainers with extensive backgrounds and decades of experience in the fields of NLP & Hypnosis.

You can find out more about Pete and Greg in more detail below.

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Greg McColl

Greg is an International Life, Personal & Mental Skills Development Coach and Hypnotherapist working with clients around the world. He is a accredited and certified Hypnotherapist and a Master NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Coach. He’s studied and been involved with … Read More

Pete Dalton

Pete is a NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Aside from NLP and hypnosis, he has also become one of the UK leading authorities in the ancient Hawaiian knowledge of Huna. Pete has also had a successful career in academia as well … Read More